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News Worth Reading: March 18, 2016

There’s always great information out there if you know where to look. The following comprises our list of news worth reading from the past week.

Hedge Funds

  • More hedge funds closed in 2015 than opened (fortune)
  • A breakdown of hedge fund investment preferences by investor type (preqin)
  • Bridgewater is not having an easy time transitioning power from Ray Dalio (efinancialnews)
  • Is Bill Ackman repeating the same mistakes he made at Gotham Partners? (businessinsider)


  • Benchmarking has unintended consequences that can wind up hurting investors (ft)
  • The pitfalls of benchmarking (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Diversification often requires taking on more tracking error (thinknewfound)
  • How to identify a growth trap (factorinvestor)
  • Wall Street is increasingly hiring Silicon Valley talent (forbes)


  • How to learn advanced mathematics without getting a degree (quantstart)


  • The trade-off between long-term and short-term risks in asset allocation (ssrn)
  • Asset allocation using covariance clustering (ssrn)
  • Skewness and kurtosis can help predict stock returns (ssrn)

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