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News Worth Reading: August 14, 2015

News is vastly overrated. While often entertaining, it’s usually best at obscuring details, overwhelming readers, wasting time and prompting bad decisions. We recommend reducing your daily intake and concentrating instead on hard data and data-rich analysis. That said, there’s always great information out there if you know where to look. The following comprises our list of news worth reading from the past week.

  • Is the 60/40 portfolio standard a product of a massive bond bull market? (theirrelevantinvestor)
  • When investing in hedge funds, it’s fund age, not size that truly matters (cnbc)
  • To rebalance or not to rebalance (cfainstitute)
  • Do investors realize how much they are really paying private equity managers? (ft)
  • Can computers beat humans in venture capital investing? (fortune)
  • Pensions are reducing their return assumptions (pionline)
  • A closer look at the fall in crude oil (businessinsider)
  • Are MLPs declining more than they should? (sl-advisors)
  • Speculators are riding the dollar higher (shortsideoflong)
  • Emerging markets are not homogeneous (ft)
  • A defense of momentum investing (theirrelevantinvestor)
  • A comprehensive comparison of several momentum strategies (quantsportal)
  • A look at the distribution of value and glamour stock returns (investorfieldguide)
  • Publicly traded money managers are having difficulty attracting assets (pionline)
  • Hedge fund inflows hit 15-month high (reuters)
  • China focused hedge funds took it on the chin in July (hedgeweek)
  • Aberdeen is acquiring fund-of-funds specialist Arden (dailyalts)
  • AQR fired its head of trading after SEC investigation (efinancialnews)
  • Former Stanford endowment head to help Credit Suisse buy hedge fund stakes (wsj)
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