EQIRA: Empirical and Quantitative Investment Research and Analysis

Introducing Eqira

It’s become customary in computer science to begin instruction in any new language with a simple program, known as “Hello, World!”, which outputs its title when executed. The rationale is simple: the program is basic enough for someone without experience to understand, particularly with the guidance of an instructor. It can be used as the basis for further instruction as more advanced features are tacked on incrementally.

It also provides a visual “pop” and a momentary sense of satisfaction. (Hey, look at what I made my computer do!)

Eqira Hello World!

It seems fitting that a company that prides itself on its logical, systematic, and data-driven approach should have its own “Hello, World!” variant. While Eqira won’t be teaching you any computer languages, we will be teaching you a new way to think about investing. To demonstrate the power of our approach, we offer this bit of insight:

We project that as of yesterday, July 29, 2015, hedge funds collectively have returned -0.26% month-to-date and 2.59% year-to-date. The primary return driver has been general equity market exposure (equity beta), which has prevented even steeper declines this month and produced approximately 40% of the year-to-date return. After adjusting for traditional and alternative risk factors, hedge funds have generated excess returns (alpha) of 0.10% and 0.03% month-to-date and year-to-date, respectively.

We can tell you all of this even though very few hedge funds and none of the major indexes have reported their actual performance beyond June.

That’s exciting, right? Hedge fund investors are no longer beholden to the opacity and lagged reporting pervasive in hedge fund investing. They can anticipate how their portfolios are performing in real-time rather than waiting several weeks for returns to start pouring in.

If insights such as these pique your interest, you’re in the right place. Over time, we’ll help you understand our process for producing them and how we can use them to greatly enhance the risk/reward profile of your investments and portfolios.

About Eqira

Eqira (pronounced like “Akira”) exists to help people and organizations make better financial decisions using data.

The emphasis on data is paramount. Once difficult and expensive to obtain, data is now abundant and cheap. It has never been easier to empirically evaluate theories and ideas. And yet, most investment decisions are made the same way they’ve always been made: through some combination of fuzzy analysis, intuition, hope, and conventional “wisdom.”

At Eqira, we believe that the financial community has too long been satiated by the misuse and ignorance of data. We feel extremely fortunate to be living in a golden age for empirical analysis that gives us the tools and resources to validate (and invalidate) long-held maxims regarding the “right” way to invest.

Eqira is about revealing truths through disciplined information analysis. We have big plans and even bigger goals, and hope that you’ll join us on a path towards financial enlightenment.

For now, we’ve chosen to address the needs of institutional investors—specifically those that invest in, manage or advise regarding hedge funds and other alternative investments. Alternatives have fallen under heavy criticism in recent years. Some of it is well deserved; much of it is not. Extraordinary opportunities continue to exist and we look forward to helping you discover them.

Will Simmons, CFA
Director of Research, Eqira

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