Data-Driven Insights for Hedge Fund Investors, Managers and Advisers

Hedge fund investing has long been more art than science, but we’re here to change that. We’ve developed unique algorithms that overcome the obstacles to quantitative analysis that hedge funds often present, such as infrequent returns, limited histories, and dynamic risk exposures. We help our clients construct more efficient, higher returning hedge fund portfolios.

Tools and Services for Every Step of the Portfolio Management Process

  • Intra-month performance projections
  • Return and risk attribution
  • Liquidity and risk analysis
  • Return simulation and forecasting
  • Stress and scenario testing
  • Portfolio fit analysis
  • Research and idea generation
  • Manager evaluation
  • Factor-Based Optimization

Novel Innovations …

Our proprietary time series database tracks the returns to thousands of traditional and alternative investment strategies across most major asset classes.

We generate daily return estimates for 30 hedge fund strategy indexes as well as custom strategies of your choosing, allowing you to benchmark your investments intra-month in near real-time.

Eqira Market Factors

Our optimizer considers not only client risk preferences but also fund factor exposures, allowing us to penalize funds that source risk from undesirable factors such as equity beta.

… Tailored to Your Needs

Comprehensive factor-based hedge fund return analysis, including attribution, stress and scenario testing, liquidity analysis, return simulation, and forecasting. Ideal for evaluating managers both before and after investing.

Applies our Fund Insights framework to your entire hedge fund portfolio, revealing its hidden characteristics. Includes security and portfolio-level reporting, including factor exposures, risk contributions and return dynamics.

Daily analysis of the broad hedge fund universe carefully prepared for sophisticated, yet non-technical readers. Includes performance reporting and exclusive empirical research as well as the story behind the numbers.

About Eqira

Eqira (pronounced like “Akira”) distills financial data, removing the noise obscuring its hidden value and decomposing it into useful, organized information.

But we don’t just provide our clients with data. We provide them with the context, meaning and understanding to transform that data into actionable intelligence.

With formal training in fundamental and quantitative analysis and practical experience at both hedge funds and allocators, our team has an exceptionally diverse and comprehensive background. We understand the needs of institutional investors because we’ve been institutional investors ourselves.

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